Welcome to the Remix movement

Team doza thrives in embracing and re-mixing pop-culture. Fresh twists, new perspectives and unique combinations that let us enjoy life our own way!

Careers Re-mixed

The art of mash-ups really matters at doza

Centred in experimentation & collaboration, we’re driven by mind-set, not skill set. We meld ideas, talents and cultures to create a development journey that’s less ordinary…and less linear

Team doza has the freedom and flexibility to mix and match disciplines; work at front & back of house, be a barista one day and a pizza maker the next. Re-mix your future!

Think you’re a great fit for doza?

Opportunities Remixed

doza is part of a bigger family known for its innovative and adaptive approach

Bricks Group has created an ecosystem of cross-sector brands that bring food, fitness and living together – united by shared values

So when you join doza, you enter a world of opportunity – to collaborate with cross-discipline experts and brands, and to re-mix for greatness

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